This is our definition:

An "international professionals" is a person who follows four elements in his/her persona:


The Talent Compass Model

FINternational uses the talent compass model we developed. The basic idea of the compass is that four cardinal points are four bases which do form key points in defining an international professional.


Half-cardinal points are factors for an individual to showcase how he/she reaches the key points. 

In other words, we want to remind that everyone can be an international professional. After all, it is all about the mindset. 


A person's competence is built based on education and experience. There are certain things happen in certain work contexts that require a person to have a good understanding of the situation.

People who can connect their know-how from different roles and subjects based on their learning process have the key to make the best out of themselves.


Experience together with motivation will show the attitude of an individual. We do not expect our people to stick to one format. They need to have passion and goals for the work, and most likely feel connected to the organization's values to show the attitude in daily work.

We believe that what a person lacks in competence can be temporary replaced by a right attitude.


Culture is formed by people's background and motivation. Commonly, culture is referred as nationality. We consider it only as the tip of the iceberg, so it is important to dig deeper than that.

There are often many cultures within a nations, and some of them may be considered to be sub-culture, which has nothing to do with national borders.


Language is structured by education and background. It is a part of culture, however, it is such a significant topic that we want to make it its own criteria.

Language is the key to understand the underlying message of how things work beneath the surface in various forms: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Are you an international professional?


We would love to see you joining us.

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