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People Behind FINternational, Part 1/8

Updated: Nov 27, 2018


My name is Sami, first chairperson at FINternational.

I have my background in the field of Education where been focusing on administrative science, education policies, business and sociology. I have been always open to the world and involved way or another on international themes. It started from the travelling at the age of 16 going for inter-rail around Europe with couple of friends. Later as a student, I went for one year to Ireland and six months to China ending up to work with international education. I became an entrepreneur wanting to push internationalization level in Finland further, so I organized a Summer project which ended up on the recognized need to set up FINternational – The only non-profit association focusing on international talents from professional perspective.

I always aim to help people. We are currently facing a continuously growing talent shortage and at the same time losing bright minded people to the world without being able to give them opportunities or at least to keep them somehow connected with Finland. FINternational more than just an association, it is a movement that aim is to help people, to bring fragmented group of international talents under one umbrella on national level and improve connections towards work life. I honestly believe that together we can be stronger, break current barriers and make an impact that is needed to make Finland more international friendly.

But it is not all about the professional story. I am the person who likes to engage, create, learn new things and be part of something important. I believe that life is a pathway where always one thing or decision leads to another one, which you can’t always predict. For example, when I was just a kid, I wanted to become a truck driver, a bin collector, to be more precise. It’s quite far where I have come from that. 😊 Oh, and my favorite season is autumn.

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