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People Behind FINternational, part 2/8

Hey you!

I am Simon and I am one of the board members of FINternational. Originally from Denmark and have been living in Tampere since 2016, been employed and later a full time student (still going strong).

You know a fun thing about living in another country is that you are put in a brand new situation which allows you to start a clean page of your life, learning how the culture and business life is like, going on an adventure finding your ‘new’ identity as an international citizen of the world.

One day I woke up and thought to myself ‘Simon, you are Danish, but I don’t think that is one of my key definitions about myself anymore’ – then I realized that living abroad shapes you into carrying more about the rest of the world than only your home country. I believe it is a good thing, we are after all living on one planet that we all should take good care of, beyond borders, nationalities, genders etc.

So why is FINternational important you might ask? Well according to me this is a chance to build a community beyond borders, but with a link back to Finland. This is for all the internationals that care about Finland, wants to live here, move their business here, grow their business bigger than Finland, and of course for all of you who already live here and are in need of guidance to get employed or would like to join a network that will create opportunities to connect with people around the world that has a bit of Finland in their hearts.

Let’s be FINternational together :)

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