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People Behind FINternational, part 3/8

Hello! I am Niia.

CEO, business development professional, marketing manager, project developer. An immigrant, a mother and wife.

My story starts as a story of many immigrants. Moved to Finland in 2012 in an age of 18 to study. Was working in night newspaper delivery and cleaning. At the same time completed 2 degrees. I am a Bachelor of economics and Bachelor of business administration.

In 2017 started own company and founded passion in entrepreneurs and new companies. Now specializing in helping others to start the company, create a ready- to-earn concept, analyze the market and plan the strategy.

My Finnish language skills are not yet enough to feel free speaking to native speakers, though, it is my goal for year 2019.

For me FINternational means a lot because I’ve been through all challenges a foreigner can have here, faced the lack of information and misunderstanding, was scared of social services and kept the mindset of a foreigner for too long. I want FINternational to be a safe place with no judgement and stereotypes, but a place that helps foreigners in every possible way.

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