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I’m Andruta, a Romanian native who in her search for adventure and love, stumbled upon Finland. Professionally speaking, I’ve done a bit of everything in the countries I lived, from Sales and Customer Support to Data Research, International Marketing and Communications and most recent, Freelance Writing.

What stayed with me no matter the country are my beliefs and passions. Interviews, content creation and photography are my strengths and where my heart is. I believe in the incredible power of storytelling. I believe in hard-work, taking risks, learning, and doing more than what it’s expected from you. I believe in results, integrity, and personal accountability. And I very much believe in showing up and doing your best no matter what the job is.

Finternational is the community I wish I had in 2015, when I moved to Finland on my own. Back then, I knew 4 people living in Finland and all of them lived in different cities and towns. The mindset and approach that had helped me previously served me little once I reached Finnish ground. Determined to find my way, I had to drop a lot of resistance, kiss goodbye old ideas and put my energy into understanding my new environment. It’s been a lot of trial and error which one day led to success. Doors started opening for me. New opportunities presented themselves as a result of my persistence and commitment to my dream. To this day, I feel grateful to live in a country that has supported and encouraged both my personal and professional growth.

The magic Finland holds is in its people – in the way they give freely, humbly with a mere desire to be of help. My hope is that Finternational will be an amazing resource to you and the first to welcome you to Finland.


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Tampere, Suomi / Finland


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