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People Behind FINternational, part 7/8

Hi! I am Nagla, from Bangladesh and I came to Finland for my master’s degree. I chose Finland, first, because University of Tampere was one of the few universities in Europe that offered a specialized degree in the field of my interest: behavioural economics and policy design. Secondly, I wanted the so-called good, close-to-the-nature happy life Finland offered. I am into statistical data analysis and social sciences. As a person, I am a very social person and curious by nature, a happy personality with a heavy soul (which sometimes gets a bit weird!) I grab every opportunity I get to travel and meet new people from different parts of the world. I value experience- both good and bad.

After completing my graduation, I realised getting a job and settling down here is not as easy as one might think. It is in fact, the hardest challenge I am facing so far. That is why I think FINternational is important- particularly, to help and support international students like me who want to be part of the work force in Finland and contribute to its social and economic development. As landing a job here requires a solid network, FINternational can help take the first step towards building that network and establishing a communication channel between and among professionals. I believe, FINternational as an association will not only benefit international talents and professionals in Finland but will also enhance the international image of Finland to the rest of the world. It is, indeed, an initiative to “make Finland great again”!


Finternational ry

Tampere, Suomi / Finland


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