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People Behind FINternational, part 8/8

Hello, Nyx here!

Malaysian born, Psychology graduate. Dabbled in Content Marketing for few years before

switching lanes to UX/Service Design where I'm currently at. Drawn to Finland because of its

world-renowned education system, and currently in my 3rd year of my Internet & Game Studies program (+minor in UX) at the University of Tampere. On the side, I moonlight as a

designer/marketer for SMEs and startups, putting my previous experience and current studies into use.

I won't dwell into the question as to why the internationalization of Finland is important. The number of startups and government initiatives that have emerged in recent years for this very reason have more research backing them than I can ever Google. Coming from a multicultural background, it is the approach that I find interesting. The way I see it, internationals in Finland (conversely, Finnish society as well) are currently at a crossroads as to how we approach integration. The current trend seems to be along the lines of approaching it tech-first, language-first or entrepreneur-first, all of which are done so with strong rationals and with a solid track record thus far despite in their early stages.

To be in Finland in these times is exciting. We're in early stages where individuals interested in making their mark as part of the FINternational community can definitely do so, as long as we understand how we can contribute, and stick to it. One thing is for sure, community building has always been a long-term effort. As long as we as a community keep up our effort, FINternational would eventually (but surely) become a reality.


Finternational ry

Tampere, Suomi / Finland


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