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Talent Boost Summit 2018: Wake up Finland!

On November 7th 2018 an important event promoting the employment of international talent took place in: Talent Boost Summit 2018. This was the second summit ever organized, in 2017 it was organized in Helsinki, 2018 in Tampere and on 2019 the event will be in Turku.

Talent Boost gathered together around 300 participants including talents themselves, HR staff, public sector representatives etc. and a good mix of speakers. This year the focus was on talent attraction and how companies can succeed on it.

The day started with networking breakfast and did not take long when I met first people I already knew. This event reminded also how small are the circles in Finland, which I find as positive factor. However, that also validated the fact how important it is to do work together cracking the challenge around talent boost theme. The set of three roll-ups did catch my attention because those summarized three good factors where Finland is good country from talent perspective.

The need is already there and it is getting even critical in the future. Antti Neimala from Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment was the first speaker going straight to the point telling that talent shortage is blocking the growth of Finnish companies. In 2018 it has cause already over 60 000 jobs not being created. At the same time government has set up an objective to double the amount of SME’s actively operating internationally. Interesting math which tells that we have lot of thing to do.

Later had a possibility to hear Also Miriam Holstein from Bayer Nordic pointed some more reasons that Finland has to offer for international talent and their families. The speaker set up was diverse with fireside chats, digitalization diversity and experiences from companies.

Attraction vs. Retention

I noticed that themes around the Talent Boost Summit was rather often pointed into talent attraction and influence that spouses do have. Perhaps because in Tampere, there is ongoing Hidden Gems -project helping spouses to get connected with job opportunities – another good initiative to follow.

I think we do pay a lot attention on talent attraction, when we tend to forget those talents who are already there. There was an article on YLE news on spring 2018, how over 50 % of international students would like to stay in Finland. Like pointed during the event, current education and needs on job markets do not meet. For this I would like to raise a question: Are businesses aware enough of talents living already in Finland? Instead of recruiting abroad and spending money on that, would it sometimes make sense to spend same expenses to train existing talent into the needed position?

The most importantly, Talent Boost program is a good flagship for changes needed in the theme of international talents. But the concrete actions and changes hast to happen on talent and business level, otherwise flagship will sink fast. Because those levels are the one where there the most work need to be done.

As a summary, event was well organized and interesting. Now just waiting to see the next steps, how much people actually will take learnings from the event into concrete actions. Looking forward for the next year to see where we stand at that point. Our goal is, that FINternational is one of the invited speakers in Talent Boost 2019, let’s see what happens!

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