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TEDx Tampere: Realizing Utopia

On 27/2/2019, the first time ever a TEDx event was held in Tampere and FINternational had a chance to participate in the event. The theme was “Realizing Utopia”, which basically means the ideal world that you would live to live in. Everyone has his/her own fantasy of a perfect life, and the world we are living in is changing constantly day by day that it can hardly be predictable. Therefore, it is truly mesmerizing when you have the opportunity to sit down in an elegant auditorium with many professionals and talents living in Finland to listen to the speakers’ ideas about their perfect world, and it would be even more memorable as well as inspiring when their utopia match with yours.

Six speakers with six different outlooks on life have given the audience a wonderful night with a remarkable experience:

Caritta Seppä: “Dare to find your passion”.

Yuliya Nesterenko: “We all carry an Utopian Gene”.

Helmi Huynh: “Why plastic-free lifestyle is a poor choice for environmentalists”.

Camilla Tuominen: “Emotion numbing is a huge threat to our companies”.

Merve Caglayan: “We have our own voice”.

Miia Pirinen: “Why we combine business & fiction and why you should too

Photo: Eero Sallinen

Each speech sparks an idea of how our life in the future should be in various aspects like business, environment, psychology, etc. However, there was one presentation that really caught the most attention of FINternational, which you could probably guessed correctly already, it was Yuliya Nesterenko’s. She has been featured before in our previous blog post (Click here to read more about her story in case you haven’t), and now one more time her speech fits the theme and message that we at FINternational want to deliver.

Photo: Eero Sallinen

In her presentation, she gave the audience the idea of how the immigration blood runs in her veins and shows that we ALL are immigrants in one way or another because human beings are all made of genes and over countless generations that have been on this planet, our genes have been changed and mixed among numerous of nationalities. That combination has made everyone of us and each one is a unique entity. To Yuliya, immigration is one factor that creates the world as it is like today and that is why we should embrace it to exploit its advantages to its full potential.

TEDx Tampere University was a blast! We believe that after the event, each participant has got home with some ideas or something inspirational and great networking time during the breaks and after party. If we were to put everything we could learn from all six talks into one sentence, it would be somewhere along the line of “Follow your fantasy and passion to all places possible, get people’s respect by who you truly are, and use your materials wisely”. Overall, joining TEDx was such an amazing experience and we all wish to have more and more similar events in the foreseeable future.

Last but not least, many thanks to the organizing team of TEDx Tampere University. If it hadn’t been for their hard and passionate work, we wouldn’t have had the chance to spend a meaningful night together.

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