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Meet Tyshawn, the 1st FINternational Brand Ambassador

Tyshawn Hall is from the United States, or more specifically upstate New York. He came to Finland around three years ago to play American Football. Yes, from US to Finland to play American Football. He was headhunted by the Finnish team based on his profile in an online platform for players who are interested in playing for different teams in Europe. It was a good decision after all as he has really enjoyed his time here.

He was able to make connections with several people, both Finnish and International, who I’ve grown close to over the years as there was certain connecting element, sharing the same sport. Now after a few years playing in Finland, Tyshawn moved on to studying business at Laurea University of Applied Sciences and now during his studies he applied and has been selected as the first FINternational brand ambassador.

Let's focus more on Tyshawn for a moment. Staying in Finland was not really a plan for him, although there was one girl as part of the story who he knew as well. However, after moving to Finland, things started to happen and Tyshawn got married to his girlfriend of many years.

There was a common understanding that it would also mean settling down in Finland, and after thinking about it for a while, the decision was to go forward with it. Finland became a new home for Tyshawn. It was not an easy road to take, because back then a lot of places didn’t have services and necessary forms in English. It was almost a necessity to have someone to translate. Nowadays, the situation is a lot better, Finland has developed in that, and other, aspects tremendously, Tyshawn thinks. Despite the progress, he would still recommend having someone you trust in your circle for these kinds of things. Having that kind of support system is necessary for everybody whether they are friends, schoolmates or colleagues, Tyshawn says, concluding that he couldn’t imagine having been here for as long as he has without it.

It is not only about sports, as there is another side of him as well. Tyshawn told that he has a passion for all forms of content creation of all types but the ones he would say he is best at are graphic design, video editing, photography and he is always trying to learn all the new things he can.

"I’d like to make content creation into something I can do as a career and being a FINternational brand ambassador gives me the opportunity to grow as a creator and connect it with something I genuinely care about", Tyshawn says.

FINternational brand ambassador plays an important role on Tyshawn's study as he takes it to be his internship. "It also allows me to help other internationals who live with the struggles of finding work suited to their skill set", Tyshawn thinks. Living here for a while and being around mostly international circles, he has seen several talented individuals come and go because they could not find a job that was appropriate for them and Tyshawn would like to see a change in the future. Now Tyshawn has a chance to become a part of a team with several unique talents and skills who want to thrive towards the same thing:

"We can build our great community of internationals in Finland into a large network that we can all benefit from", He plans.

Tyshawn continues by saying that FINternational is also a great opportunity for him to make lasting connections with talented and innovative international individuals as well as open-minded businesses in Finland, which can help provide some great opportunities for his future as a professional content creator. He expects and looks forward to the valuable lessons that can be learned from these experiences.

When he was asked to give some opinions about the future of FINternational, he answered seeing it as a place that talented international workers can turn to upon arrival in Finland to help better their future, somewhere where they can start connecting immediately. It is important to start building a network soon after moving to a new country in order to find a workplace that suits everyone's own skill set, and on top of that, to connect with peers and make new friends who can support other international students or workers.

"I am sure FINternational can be that place for the people who need it someday and I’m excited to work towards that future so lets make it happen", Tyshawn concludes our interview.

What it means to be FINternational brand ambassador?

Having a FINternational brand ambassador role is a volunteer based role, ambassadors are the key people in different locations around Finland. Because the aim is to build a nationwide community of various skill sets, bring out stories about international life in Finland from different locations, and have broader shoulders to support each other as well as make a stronger impact on Finland's future. Brand ambassadors strengthen local networks connecting it as parts of the bigger picture, create different content and can organize local meetups. If you are interested, read more about the role on our web page, or send an email if there are any questions at info@finternational.eu

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