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My name is Long Nguyen and I am from Viet Nam.

I came to Finland almost three years ago to do my bachelor’s degree in International Business at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. I am quite socially reserved and will not speak up much if I do not feel close or comfortable enough. However, I’m passionate about magic which means that I need to talk a lot, so it sounds quite conflicting.

Now I am here, working as an intern at FINternational. I find a great opportunity for me to meet new people and try to be more socially active, which is really helpful for myself in the long run. As a foreigner, especially the one with limited ability on using the Finnish language, I understand the challenge of applying for jobs and moreover making a living to survive the winters in Finland. Therefore, I find this non-profit organization really interesting and promising. Not only it is a beneficial channel for international talents to search for new opportunities, FINternational can also be a fruitful source for Finnish companies which are planning to go international and the easiest solution is to create a multicultural workplace.

I find myself rather lucky working here as an intern because it will open many doors to international connections for me, not only with companies, but also people who are inside the community. To me, this organization is a small step but a great start for my career, so if you are a “beginner” like me, this can be a good time to start creating your connections.

FINternational as an association looking to form an umbrella covering whole Finland, is in the need of people volunteering. Especially we need participation from people on content creation and sharing to others what happens in different cities. Content creation means that you can reach both, talents and companies, ask to meet and interview them for our blog creating connections for you at the same time. By sharing the stories, we create awareness and can break down the myths aiming to change attitudes more towards internationally orientated workplaces.

If you are interested on volunteering based on your own availability or even to do an internship, please send a message introducing yourself at info@finternational.eu. and we see where to take it from there.


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